Common questions & answers about Petite Provence and our products

Are all your tablecloths made in France?

Yes. All of the design, weaving, printing, and everything related to the design and making of the cloth happens 100% in France. In some cases, the finished cloth is done in France or Spain.

Is everything else on your website also made in France?

Not necessarily. Many products are made in France, but this will always be indicated in the product description.  Other products are designed in France or are produced by French companies, but not all products on the site are made in France.  If you ever have any questions about the origins of any of the products you see on our website or in our store, please ask!

Some labels say "designed in France". Does this mean the product is NOT actually made in France?

Not necessarily. In many cases this is true, but not always. We carry certain products that have a 'Designed in France' label (some of our dishtowels for example). These products are produced the same way as many tablecloths from Provence - the design, weaving, and creation of the fabric and material happens 100% in France. The cutting and sewing also is done in France.

If you ever have any questions about the origins of any of the products you see on our website or in our store, please ask!

Will my tablecloths fade in the sun?

The sun will eventually fade any of our tablecloths. Our 100% Cotton and Jacquard 100% Double Woven Cotton collections are highly sensitive to the sun. Our Coated Cotton and Oilcloth hold up better against possible fading.

Can I return it if it does not work?

We will gladly exchange your product for another if you are not completely satisfied with your order. Exchanges must be in original condition, unused and unwashed. Please notify us of any exchanges within 30 days of receiving your order. Although we cannot issue refunds, we can issue online credits for the total amount of the items exchanged.

We are not able to accept exchanges or returns on any custom tablecloths or yardage.

Do I have to iron this?

(check out our Fabrics & Care page)

Can I leave Coated Cotton on a patio table outside? What about Oilcloth?

Our Coated Cotton has a 100% cotton back- you may leave it outside weather permitting. We recommend bringing your tablecloth in during rainy periods, or if you live in a high moisture/humid area. These tablecloths are intended for the weather in the South of France- think idyllic.  Our Oilcloth, however, can be left outside. It is made of vinyl and highly durable.

I do not know what size to get?

Check out our sizing guide.

When will you get more stock in?

We usually receive about 2-3 shipments a year from France. For specifics on our next shipment, please contact us for additional information.

Do you do special orders or custom requests?

We can do special orders and custom requests. Lead time is around 3-5 months, depending on the status of our current shipment. We may be able to ship your custom or special order faster with additional shipping fees. Please contact us for more information.

Are your Coated Cotton tablecloths PVC free? How is the coating applied?

Yes they are. Our Coated Cotton Collection is 100% PVC free. The acrylic finish is applied to the top of the tablecloths after printing. There is no special backing or different pieces attached in our Coated Collection, it is one cotton tablecloth with the acrylic finish applied only to the top.

What are the differences between Oilcloth and Coated Cotton?

Oilcloth is a vinyl material, making it our sturdiest most durable material. Oilcloth is thicker than Coated Cotton, and may crease if folded. Our Coated Cotton has the protection from the acrylic coating, but lays nicely on your table as a cotton tablecloth would. The creases in your Coated Cotton tablecloth will relax with time.

Is the information I enter on this site confidential?

Yes, any transaction on this site is secure and any personal information you give us will remain confidential and not be shared with any other party.

How can I order if I do not want to use my credit card online?

We would be happy to take your order over the phone at 1.877.753.2401, or through e-mail at info@petiteprovence.com

Do you collect sales tax?

Yes, we collect sales tax if your shipping address is in California. Any orders shipped outside of California will not be charged sales tax. Our sales tax in Santa Cruz, CA is 9.25%.

What if the item I want is not in stock?

Items marked "out of stock" may be temporarily out of stock, but still can be back ordered. Please contact us for more information.

Will the Teflon Coating wash off?

Our Jacquard Collection has a Teflon finish, making them stain resistant while preserving the feel of cotton. The Teflon coating may eventually wear down after over washing and/or certain detergents. To revive your Teflon Coating, simply iron either side on a high temperature, which will revive the coating!