Paris Ceramic Herb Grinder - Choose your filling

Paris Ceramic Herb Grinder - Choose your filling

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Add a bit of spice to your kitchen with our charming refillable ceramic herb grinders! Handmade and hand-painted in France, these decorative herb grinders make a great petit cadeau (French for "a little gift") and are a wonderful addition to any dining room table!

Our Paris herb grinders come pre-filled with three seasonings; choose from sea salt, whole peppercorns or Herbes de Provence - a savory blend of basil, thyme, rosemary and marjoram.  When you run out, refill your ceramic herb grinder with your own personal blend or add your favorite spice. The possibilities are endless! 

Grinders are 5.5 inches tall, including the handle. Pegs may be plastic or wood.

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