Sunflower Blue Rectangular Polyester Tablecloth (60”x118” only)

Sunflower Blue Rectangular Polyester Tablecloth (60”x118” only)

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Polyester tablecloths have come a long way. We are offering (for limited time only!) our polyester collection, which are available in a variety of vibrant patterns and colors.

Sunflower Blue Rectangular Polyester tablecloths are 100% polyester and are made with high quality dyes that help prevent fading from washing. Their beautiful patterns and colors are typical of the south of France and will brighten your table every day! Their easy care makes them perfect for outdoors and every day use. They are stain resistant (not stain proof) if spills are wiped off quickly. Best of all, they do not require ironing! Pull right from your dryer and put on your table. 

The Sunflower Blue polyester collection features a dark blue background with a yellow sunflower motif. 

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